We challenge new possibilities for computers

The Computer Science and Media Engineering consists of the "Computer Science Course" and the "Information Media Course". Both courses provide basic subject groups which are common to information and subject courses which exploit the characteristics in each course to foster the next generation of information engineers and scientists. In addition to substantial staff members, this Department provides the latest proprietary computer systems. Students can use them and directly learn the latest computer systems, multimedia and network. Students entering our Department begin learning in either course, as soon as they have been accepted into our university following the selection process that is based on the person's choice as well as his/her academic grade on the entrance examination.
This Department is certified with the JABEE (Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education).


Computer Science Course

Students in this course obtain fundamental technology, including software, hardware and information mathematics, on the computers and the network, as well as study programming technology, and basic software design and fabrication. The curriculums in this course, starting from the computer literacy course, are designed to foster engineers who, at the time of graduation, have the practical capabilities that companies' desire.

Information Media Course

In addition to basic technology of computers, students in this course learn technology on information media which communicates between "humans and humans" and "humans and computers". The world flow has been changing from "IT era" to "ICT (information communication technology) era". The time has come when human resources that have communication skills, in addition to IT are necessary to realize a truly abundant information society.